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Truman Lake, which is also known as Truman Reservoir is located in the central portion of Missouri very close to Columbia as well as lake of the Ozarks. It is the largest man-made body of water in the state of Missouri, even larger than the nearby Ozarks. It was created when the Osage River was dammed up in the 1970's. The massive lake spans an impressive 60 plus miles and is now home to many unique lake resorts as well as campsites that are perfect for family vacations or gatherings. Normal pool is anywhere between 680 feet to 720 feet. In addition to the many activities that the lake presents such as boating, skiing, scuba diving, and jet-skiing Truman is also one of the only lakes to feature a surrounding equestrian park and trail. These trails surrounding the waters of the lake are open to the public but when the level of the water rises above normal pool many of these equestrian trails flood so checking the current water levels before you set out on your trip is very important. When riding on the trails visitors can take advantage of the numerous campsites located in Truman State Park which offer great free utilities including hot showers, modern restrooms, laundry rooms, dining pavilions and other open shelters. This 1440 acre State Park which is nearly surrounded by the 55,600 acre waters of the lake offers great opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming and water skiing. In addition there are beautiful sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming and lounging on the shore if you dont have a boat or just want to relax. Due to the restrictions of the surrounding State Park the wilderness at and around the lake is very diverse and well maintained which makes for great hiking and mountain biking in the area. There are four loops creating over 20 miles of mountain biking trails around the lake. These trails can be traveled by foot or by mountain bike but you cannont take these trails with any motorized vehicles. The names of the mountain biking loops are as follows, Green Loop, Blue Loop, Red Loop, and White loop. All of these trails are in the immediate vicinity of Truman lake and make a great day trip while you are visiting the lake or are great for simply visiting themselves. Fishing at the lake is bolstered by the lost valley fish hatchery which totals 971 acres of land. The fish hatchery has 78 rearing ponds, and 78.3 acres of water in total. The visitors center at the hatchery includes a 12,700 gallon aquarium and a variety of exhibits which are all based on fishing or aquatic themes. The species of fish which are raised at the hatchery and then later used to stock Truman lake are muskellunge, channel catfish, largemouth bass, striped and hybrid striped bass, bluegill, and hybrid sunfish. Additional wildlife in the area includes Fox, coyote, deer, wild turkey and beaver all of which make their homes in the woods and grasslands of the park.

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Truman Lake has the distinction of being the largest lake in the state of Missouri spanning an impressive 259 square miles. This magnificent lake offers superb fishing year round. Truman Lake is a popular destination for fishermen in the summer as well as in the winter. This is thanks to the heated waters provided by the power plant in Truman Dam that keep lake temperatures elevated during the cold Missouri winters. Great fishing is not the only attraction however. There are many historic sites in the surrounding area including, The Historic Hooper House, The Elmore Cabin Complex, the Concord Schoolhouse, as well as Benton County and Henry County museums which contain artifacts dating back to the early 1800’s. There is also no shortage of luxurious resort destinations and campsites in the area to stay at. With the mix of cozy resort accommodations and authentic camping opportunities there is almost certainly a vacation to suit your needs.

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American Owned & Operated
  Hickory Hollow Resort
We offer full amenity cabins & RV sites all nestled on 40 acres of beautiful shade tree's 1 mile south of Winsor Crossing on the edge of Truman Lake. We have a pool, lighted fish cleaning station, gameroom, playground, laundry & pavillion, full amenity 1.2 & 3 BR cabins & full hookup RV sites. Come enjoy Hickory Hollow Resort where there is something for everyone of all ages

Hickory Hollow Resort

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Fincachivo Lodge
  Fincachivo Lodge & Goat Farm
We are a small, quaint lodge (4 units) bordering on 100,000 acres of public land surrounding Truman lake. We have two primitive cabins in the woods and two suites in the main house. We are perfect for hunters, fishermen and family outings. Our primitive cabins are great for families that want an outdoor experience but need a little more than tent camping.

Fincachivo Lodge & Goat Farm

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