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Mark Twain Lake is located near the famous Mark Twain State Park which totals about 36,000 acres. The lake itself is also very large with over 18,000 acres of water and 285 miles of shoreline making it the largest lake in northern Missouri. The lake was created in 1984 with the construction of the Clarence Cannon Dam on the Salt River. The lake has become a popular tourist destination due in part to the fact that it is only 120 miles from St. Louis and because compared to other lakes in Missouri it is relatively un crowded and not as built up. Mark Twain is a great lake for water skiing as the water is often calm, and it is also a great place for fishing, camping, hiking and mountain biking. The State Park around the lake has great hiking and mountain biking opportunities with miles and miles of trails that run all through the park. This is one thing that really makes the area an attractive place to visit because besides the boating and water activities that are always present with a large lake there are also many other fun activities to partake in. Another great aspect is the amount of wildlife and untouched nature that surrounds the lake due in large part to the State Park. There park puts many restrictions on building as well as keeps the area clean so there is a really great opportunity to see the Missouri landscape in pristine condition all around the lake. The fishing on Mark Twain is usually described by visitors as excellent, and the lake has a large population of Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Bluegill. The main fish that is caught on the lake is Crappie, but the Crappie fishing is directly related to the water level of the lake. So it is important to check the level of the lake before you set out on your fishing trip because if the lake is high in the early summer/spring then there is going to be a large population of shad in the lake which in turn means plenty of food for Crappie and plenty of Crappie to catch. All in all the lake is a great place to visit with a great mix of small to medium size resorts, campsites, Cabins, and outdoor activities.

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Walk in the footsteps of Tom and Huck but camp in the 21st century. Located near Hannibal, MO-the historic hometown of Mark Twain and setting for his famous novels Mark Twain Lake has a reputation for bass fishing, crappie fishing, and lots of fun. Hannibal is the closest large city to Mark Twain Lake. The Mark Twain State Park with its 2,775 acres surrounds the lake and provides visitors with a wide assortment of outdoor activities including hiking, great mountain biking, and hunting. The area hosts many campgrounds that allow visitors to sit back and relax after a hard day of fishing, waterskiing and swimming in Mark Twain Lake. The breathtaking views of Mark Twain Lake, surrounded by the state park are sure to offer you and your family many fun opportunities and memories.

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South Fork Resort
  South Fork Resort
South Fork Resort, located on the southwest side of Mark Twain Lake invites you to come experience one of our five cabins, eight kitchenettes and four motel rooms. Our resort has been serving families since 1988 and we have everything you need to make your trip to the lake the best it can be. All of our units have satellite TV and we have a fully stocked general store.

South Fork Resort

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Timber Ridge Resort
  Timber Ridge Resort
Here at Timber Ridge we're surrounded by 54,000 acres of woodlands, meadows and 285 miles of shoreline on Mark Twain Lake. Come take a hike on our 8 mile scenic trail, or unwind down in our game room and pool. We offer many activities at the resort and we are a great place for a family vacation.

Timber Ridge Resort

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