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Lake of the Ozarks is located in Central Missouri only about 40 minutes from Columbia. The lake is fed by the Osage River and is part of the large chain of lakes in central Missouri that includes Stockton Lake and Truman Lake. There are plenty of things to do at the lake of the Ozarks as the area surrounding the lake has been built up substantially offering visitors many different attractions. There are no building restrictions for commercial property at the lake so condos and resorts are located right on the shore affording great views and easy access to the lake for everyone. There are several hundred different resorts on the lake, as well as numerous marinas and lake front condos. Lake of the Ozarks is also famous for 'party cove' which is actually not one single cove but a different location every few years. Party cove is a place where boaters go to party, relax and have a good time with friends. If you are with the family party cove is not the ideal place, put for the younger crowd coming from Mizzou it is definitely a scene you want to check out and experience. For the typical family looking to find a place to say at the lake there are plenty of resorts available ranging from small resorts with only 10-15 cabins to large scale luxury resorts with more than 50 cabins.. While at the lake visitors can enjoy go-carting, water skiing, boating, jet skiing, wake boarding and many more water activities including cliff jumping. The lake is actually very great for jet skiing because there are numerous large boats on the water that make some good sized wakes to jump. On the flip side of this, it is recommended that you have a good sized boat (20 feet or larger) if you are planning on going out on the lake. There is a large amount of boating traffic which can be hard on smaller boats. More so than any other lake in Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks has many luxurious resorts that can accommodate anything from business retreats to large family vacations. There are still less expensive places to stay on the lake, but for the most part the accommodations are all very nice and a little more pricy than most of the other lakes in Missouri.

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If there is one thing you can be sure of about your next vacation to Lake of the Ozarks, it is that you will not have a single dull moment. Lake of the Ozarks, as well as the surrounding area, has an abundant number of activities that are sure to please everyone on your trip. There are the aquatic activities like boating, water skiing, fishing and swimming. But the Lake of the Ozarks also has an abundant number of restaurants, nightlife, golf, and various other activities that come with any popular tourist area. Late nights out, or early fishing mornings can both be had at this popular Missouri Lake.

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Resort at Port Arrowhead
  Resort at Port Arrowhead
A Favorite among Lake of the Ozarks resorts and hotels, The Resort at Port Arrowhead, is a top choice for families seeking to experience the best that Missouri resorts have to offer. We offer 2 outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool, 2 hot tubs, waterfalls, and wading pool.

Resort at Port Arrowhead

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The Country Club Hotel & Spa
  The Country Club Hotel & Spa
The Country Club Hotel & Spa is a luxury resort providing lodging in Lake Ozark in the heart of the Ozarks surrounded by our breathtaking landscape. The Country Club Hotel & Spa offers services and amenities found only at the most exclusive upscale properties throughout the country.

The Country Club Hotel & Spa

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