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Located in a very densely forested portion of Missouri, there are countless scenic bike and hiking trails surrounding Clearwater Lake. Of the many trails in the area (Watchable Wildlife Trail) and (McKenzie Trail) are probably the largest and most well maintained trails. As far as entertainment in the area the lake itself is not very built up or commercialized which makes is great for boating and relaxing but leaves some challenges if you are looking to go out at night. There are several sports bars in the area such as the bar at Spring Valley Resort and the Piedmont Aeriie. There is also a drive in movie theater in nearby Piedmont Missouri so depending upon what end of the lake you are staying at you could make the drive into town to catch an old fashioned drive in movie. Changing from nightlife in the area to hunting opportunities in the vicinity of Clearwater lake, there are many potential places to hunt. Nearly 40 percent of the land surrounding Clearwater is publicly owned and of that land almost all is open to hunting. In total there is about 16,100 acres of public hunting land making the area around Clearwater lake an oasis for hunters. In the area the whitetail deer population is very high and there are also large populations of wile turkey, and duck. In terms of sleeping arraingements there are numerous campgrounds around the lake, in fact if you are looking for a camping trip there is really no better place to go in the state of Missouri. There are also around 30-40 family resorts that dot the shore of the lake. These resorts typically have anywhere from 10-20 Cabins and in general since Clearwater is not very commercialized these resorts tend to be smaller in size and usually family run. That is not to say that these resorts are not nice places to stay at but typically they are great for your average family trip. The lake itself is great for water sports such as skiing, jet skiing, boating, tubing, and wake boarding. The lake is also a great lake to fish at with large populations of bass and crappie. One thing to note in terms of fishing as well is that in the last several years the MDC and the Army Corps of Engineers have been actively placing brush piles all throughout the lake in around 20-40 feet of water. This has greatly improved the fishing opportunities at the lake and on your next visit to Clearwater be sure to ask the owner of your resort where these brush piles are located in regards to his resort so you can take advantage of them.

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Located close to Piedmont Missouri, Clearwater Lake is a place where families can relax without being surrounded by crowds of other tourists. Surrounded by three state parks, Clearwater Lake boasts fishing, boating, and skiing, as well as canoeing on the nearby upper Black River. Restrictions created by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in order to preserve the lakes natural beauty have prevented private boat docks from being constructed leaving plenty of open coast line. Visitors here can plan on enjoying beautiful scenery and abundant opportunities for viewing wildlife. The serene lake and environment allow its visitors to share quality time together while having fun on the water. Clearwater Lake offers camping, swimming, fishing and boating. Clearwater is an oasis from the hectic day to day life which makes it a perfect vacation destination.

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Clearwater Lake Resort
  Clearwater Lake Resort
Located on Beautiful Clearwater Lake near the Base of the Dam our resort offers a great destination for your next family trip. For hunters we are located in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest and the hunting opportunities in the surrounding area are great! Our resort has modern cabins, a swimming pool, miniature golf, wireless internet and much more.

Clearwater Lake Resort

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Sunset Point Resort
  Sunset Point Resort
Sunset Point Resort is Located on Clearwater Lake near the Dam and the lower Black River Spillway Park. We are less than one mile from the lake and our resort offers a game room, a 9 hole miniature golf course, a giant chess set, large swimming pool, tennis & basketball court as well as nice cabins to sit back and relax at.

Sunset Point Resort

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